About the Artist

Hi all!
I’m Isabel, the force behind Scarlet Sequoia Ceramics. Some of you may already know me, and some of you may be new friends! Whichever the case may be, welcome! And thanks for coming with me on this pottery journey. 

I took my first pottery class in April of 2021 and have been obsessed ever since. Pottery is important to me both because of the objects I create, and because of the mindful, meditative process that brings me over the finish line. As a lover of art and psychology, I am fascinated by the way that we express our humanity and interact with each other and with the natural world. I have always felt safe and comforted by the wildness of nature. So for me, engaging with soft, wet clay while its spinning gently on the wheel, mimicking the rotation of the earth on its axis, is an act of presence and connection. I am connecting with myself and I am connecting with the elements – the essence – of all life.

I am also inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, a philosophy that encourages us to acknowledge, accept, and appreciate the transiency and imperfection of life. I like to incorporate this style of “perfectly imperfect” into my pieces by contrasting raw clay surfaces and organic forms with high gloss glazes and a refined foot or delicate handle. If you are interested in learning more, please check out my Kurinuki collection here

It is my intention with these pieces to give you more than just functional dishware. Scarlet Sequoia Ceramics are pieces of earth that hold weight and give strength. They serve as reminders of our universal connection and they use these reminders to elevate everyday spaces and bring a sliver of ancient magic back into modern homes.




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  • I love how these colors make it look like the ocean tide ❤️ This is such a beautiful mug, and you can really tell how much love and time goes into Scarlet Sequoia pieces. Highly recommend!

  • Wonderful quality, accurate description and it’s a beautiful mug! The mug was shipped and packaged carefully and made it all the way to Montana :)

  • So beautiful! It’s just what I hoped, shipped quickly and came packaged safely with great care. I looked at many options for a sushi set on Etsy and I’m so glad I found and chose this beautiful set. Thank you!